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Bison Hunting

Bison Hunting Trip - South Dakota

Compare my Meat Bulls to everybody else's and call my customers to compare the experience!!!
Above: Skye hunted a Super Trophy Bull a few years ago and had a great time. He returned to hunt this Meat Bull (look how big it is). The bull traveled 4.5 miles from where we first spotted it until we could get the first shot into it! Talk about an experience. My hunts are on big county, expect to have an experience of a lifetime.

Bison Hunting - South Dakota

Awesome fun on the prairie...
Angie and Brett filled their freezer with this big cow. It is all about the experience when you hunt American Buffalo with Jim River Guide Service. Nobody does it better. Plan to have fun!

I just got off the phone with one of my ranchers. Because of the drought, he wants to kill a few more meat bulls and cows this season than normal. He dropped the price on these few animals and I'm passing the price savings on to you. That is great news for anybody that is wanting to hunt a Meat Cow or Meat Bull with JRGS. The hunts need to take place between January and March, before spring grass starts to spring up. Weapons allowed on these particular hunts are RIFLE and PISTOL only. If you have the ability to schedule a few days to hunt during that time, call me or email me now. Have your credit card or checkbook in hand. *If you are a bowhunter only, contact me about the next available archery bison hunts.

If you've never been guided by me, you'll like the way I do business. If you've hunted with me in the past, it will save you time researching my outfit because you are familiar with my hustle, honest, passion, integrity, skills, professionalism, ability to communicate, and spirit of adventure. I treat everybody the same. The first person that puts money across my desk gets the reservation. That gives everybody the same chance to do business with me.

Jim River Guide Service is the premier bison hunting destination in the world. My clients come from all 50 states and 13 countries to effectuate the dream of hunting American Buffalo on the prairie. It is AWESOME. Ask any of my clients what its like to savor The Ultimate Guided Experience. I provide you the names of ALL of last year's clients so you can call as many as you'd like to know this is the place you want to fulfill your dream of harvesting an American Buffalo like so many have done before. That's a big deal.

Other places only give you a few hand-selected names THEY selected and that THEY put on a "reference" list. Don't risk it. Trust Jim River Guide Service all the way.

"This has been so much more of an experience than I ever thought it could be. My brother and I have had such a wonderful time. We're both really glad we chose to do it with you. Thank you Willie for making this happen." Harry, CA

My cell phone number is 605-228-8162 if you want to talk directly to me. I will fill you in on the details or email you the details so you know what to expect, what gear to have and what calibers are appropriate. Plan to have a fantastic time filling your freezer...and have plenty of awesome meat to share with your friends and family, and save a few bucks if you act before these animals are spoken for. A 50% nonrefundable deal will make your reservations. You may even be able to take a tax deduction if you donate your meat to your local church, organization, et cetera.


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Please call or e-mail me with any questions or to get a list of ALL my clients from last year.
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