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South Dakota Hunting Blog

Archery and Bow Hunting for Deer

Deer Bow Hunting - South Dakota

A fantastic heavy-huge 4-point. Old buck deer are smart. This one is old, past his prime.

Deer Archery Hunting - South Dakota

First buck for Tim...
Tim and son Tim both shot mule deer with their bows. It was the first buck for Tim the Second! That is a memorable event. He gets the JRGS "ninja of the year" award. He belly crawled a quarter of a mile in knee high cover to drop this deer in his tracks at 15 yards with his bow. Great job Tim!

Jim River Guide Service archery deer hunts have been my bread and butter since I started my business 23 years ago. My hunters were 100% successful again this year. Most archery hunting outfits are pumped if they get 30% success...Why take the chance that you will be part of the 70% with those outfits? Nobody delivers archery opportunity like JRGS. Enjoy The Ultimate Guided Experience archery hunting.

My philosophy with ARCHERY HUNTING is multiply the opportunities. It has paid off in spades for my clients. There's a lot of ways to be unsuccessful. My archery hunts are set up EXPECTING it might take a few tries to seal the deal. I want you to have a lot of chances! The idea that an archer only needs one chance to be successful is fun but not practical. If YOU are one of those guys that only needs one chance, book your hunt with ME because that will make my job EASY! If you are a normal guy, book your hunt with me because I'll probably send you home with a fantastic archery trophy and thrilling story.

Ask Victor, he's hunted with me too many times to count in South Dakota for everything I offer. He's my number one client. He passed up 5 smaller bucks before shooting this huge 4-point. Look how old and gray it is. Its an outstanding trophy. He shot him at 12 yards. It ran off without a blood trail so we left it until last light. I tracked it with no blood until we got a second shot at 10 yards that proved fatal. However, after the second shot the buck got up and tried to swim the mighty Jim River. It died half-way across. That lead to a several hour float trip two where we were able to get a rake, fishing pole and tree branch on him before catching him in the dark. It developed into a 3/4 mile drag for Victor, Annie and I on a deer that weighed well over 300 pounds. That's an experience. I don't mind saying my sack was dragging by the time we got him back to the vehicle.

Book your archery deer hunt with me if you want to get your first buck kill or you want to kill the biggest archery buck deer of your life. I am proud to say that my typical hunter shoots the biggest deer of his life when he hunts with me whether it is with a bow or a rifle. That's a big deal! When a person trusts me to show them a lifetime experience and they take away the BEST OF THEIR LIFE, that means they got their money's worth no matter the score! Don't risk booking your hunt with somebody else.

These are some of the reasons I think my hunters are so successful:
1. I never take more than 2 hunters at a time in my camp.
2. I personally guide all of my hunters.
3. I am an avid archery hunter.
4. I have a lot of land/animals that gets little pressure.
5. My hunters typically get several chances.
6. I expect my deer hunters to make shots less than 30 yards.
7. Last but not least, my hunters are typically a cut above the average because they see the value of the five points listed above so they book their hunt with me.

"I had a beautiful buck standing behind me at seven yards with no shot. He didn't really give me a standing shot opportunity until he was 35-40 yards. That is right at the end of my effective range so I decided not to shoot because I'm only good out to there in perfect conditions. Being excited made it not perfect. I made the right choice. And two days later I got this great buck at the eleventh hour. I look forward to the deer hunt for next year with Rhonda and I. It is always fun to hunt with you." Victor, MO

Granted, if you are a distance shooter, great. However, I don't need 50-70 yard shooters to fill tags. The average shot this year was 12 yards! That puts deer in the back of the pickup instead of having to tell stories of what-might-have-been because of deer running off wounded. Your hunt is going to take place in the real world, not fantasy land. So I am going to visit with you and make plans with that in mind from the start.

I don't need the best hunter in the world to fill archery tags. I need hunters who show up with a solid- reasonable foundation of skills and are coachable. Then we do great things. If this sounds like you, call me to set up a great archery mule deer or archery whitetail hunt for 2022 before the dates are filled up. Remember, you'll be one of, at the most TWO hunters in my camp at the time. I have room for 2 archery whitetail hunters and 2 archery mule deer hunters open for 2022. Then I'll be booking for 2023.

Be ready for fun.


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