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Longest Prairie Dog Shot - This Year

Prairie Dog Hunting

An AWESOME group of guys with excellent attitudes and shooting ability!

Noah brought some pals... enjoy lots of shooting in a prairie dog town. They were up for the challenge and had an excellent time. They worked through the learning curve and left better shooters than anybody ever comes. That's a big deal. I look forward to guiding Noah on another ARCHERY MULE DEER hunt this fall!

Prairie Dog Hunting - Longest Shot

Jim River Guide Serviceis in full swing showing hunters a fantastic time in the prairie dog towns. The last three days I was entertaining some great shooters from WI and MN. They went through the learning curve very quickly. Repeat customer Noah got a pickup load of guys to join him as they all enjoyed The Ultimate Guided Experience. They all killed lots of dogs at distances they didn't think were possible.

Tom, Noah, Taylor, Reed and Assia had great weather the first two days. However, rains moved in to ruin shooting for many outfits in South Dakota on their last day. Because I have dog towns scattered over 100 miles, we sidestepped those rains adn I delivered a third OUTSTANDING day of prairie dog shooting. I am proud of that!

Don't risk booking your prairie dog hunt with somebody that hunts only THEIR ground or maybe THEIR ground and some of their NEIGHBOR'S ground. You are investing time and money...make sure you max out the chances of getting to actually be shooting when you head west for a prairie dog hunt. No other prairie dog hunting outfit in the whole world can dodge rains like Jim River Guide Service. "Willie isn't perfect, but he is the best. I can live with that."

"I'm sorry you guys had to walk 736 yards to get your picture taken with MY prairie dog." Noah, WI.....HAHAHA ....Noah has the lead for the longest prairie dog THIS YEAR with 736 yards...right on!

"We had lots of fun. I look forward to bringing more guys next year." Noah, WI

Call me now to schedule a trip for your group. Granted, I am almost completely booked. However, I might have the dates you want open. You will be glad you booked with me.

This Week:
>Aaron booked a prairie dog hunt for his group.
>Greg booked his buffalo hunt for this fall.

It is foolish to book a hunting trip without knowing exactly who will be guiding you in the field. I guide all of my hunters! Call me today to discuss your next adventure.


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