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One Shot One Kill

Fishing Trip - South Dakota

One-shot-one-kill: My man Bob made it happen. Starting the buffalo year off with ONE SHOT ONE KILL! Great job Bob.

Fishing Trip - South Dakota

Fantastic fun...
Team IA spent two days in South Dakota prairie dog towns. Prairie dog hunts are all about fun, camaraderie and exercising our Second Amendment Rights. It's been said a million times, "If you can leave a prairie dog town in a bad mood you have some serious personal issues to deal with." Call me for the opportunity for an awesome time hunting.

Jim River Guide Service gives you the chance to ask ALL of my clients what to expect because I send out the names of ALL of the customers from the previous season instead of a list of cherry-picked names like you get from everybody else competing with me for your business. They guess if they give you the names of guys they want you to talk to, that will satisfy you. But you're no dummy, know what names go on a "reference list". That's why I give you ALL of the names from last year's clients. Call me to get a memorable hunt and enjoy The Ultimate Guided Experience.

Don't risk your hunt by booking with somebody that only gives you part of the story, especially when you're only getting the part of the story they want you to hear. This dynamic is the key to booking a fantastic hunting experience for you or you and your group.

Bob's from TN. He comes out west every year to hunt something. This time he decided to book a bison hunt in conjunction with another hunt he had planned elsewhere. He could do both hunts on the same trip and save some travel time and expense.

We had a great time. Look at this awesome TROPHY BULL that is going on his wall and filling his freezer! It's a beauty. If you follow my newsletters you know one-shot-one-kill on big bulls on big country is a rarity. This is big country! One perfectly placed 300 WSM bullet did the trick. "You told me where to put it and I put it there."

"In the short time I've spent around you, I've quickly became a believer. I like the way you do business. You know what you're doing and you're good at it. Have anybody call me and I'll tell them." Bob, TN

I have plenty of MEAT BULLS and a few TROPHY BULLS left. My SUPER TROPHY BULLS are sold out unless one of the ranchers I work with gives me the OK on a couple of toads he is on the fence with. A SUPER TROPHY BULL is in a class by itself and most outfits don't keep them around for long enough for them to get that big. They get aggressive, dangerous and destructive.

The head of a TROPHY BULL is actually a slicker, more beautiful mount. He won't have the gouges, scars and broomed horns typical of a SUPER TROPHY BULL. The TROPHY BULLS from JRGS will impress anybody that sees them on your wall.


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