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South Dakota Hunting Blog

by Willie Dvorak - SD Hunting Guide and Outfitter


Whitetail Deer Hunting in South Dakota
Willie Dvorak, a SD outfitter and hunting guide writes about whitetail deer hunting in South Dakota and more.


Archery and Bow Hunting for Deer
Meet the fella who received the "Ninja of the Year" award for his bow hunting skills. Archery deer hunts have been my bread and butter since I started my business 23 years ago.


One Shot One Kill
True Tale - a one shot hunt of a buffalo, and about prairie dog hunting as well. "If you can leave a prairie dog town in a bad mood you have some serious personal issues to deal with."


Bison Hunting in South Dakota
Hunting American Buffalo with Jim River Guide Service. Nobody does it better. Plan to have fun!


South Dakota Prairie Dog and Bison Hunting
When you find an outfitter that you like, you are sometimes limited to how many times you can hunt with them because they only offer 1 or 2 quality hunts for different species. I offer incredible hunts for everything from prairie dogs to bison. There's a lot of reasons to keep coming back, especially when you enjoy the professionalism, hustle, logistics, trophy quality, person interaction, and performance of JRGS.


South Dakota Hunting
From buffalo, deer and prairie dogs, my hunts in SD are among the best. Jim River Guide Service provides The Ultimate Guided Experience.


Fishing Trips in South Dakota
More big Silvers...Expect a lot of action when you book your fishing trip with Jim River Guide Service. It's all about the fun. There are a lot of ways to do it, trust us to make it happen the right way. Don't risk your fishing trip any other way!


Fort Pierre, South Dakota...Prairie Dog Hunting Capital of the World
The hot weather didn't keep hunters from having a brilliant day of shooting prairie dogs in Fort Pierre, South Dakota with Jim River Guide Service.


The Ultimate South Dakota Hunting Guide Experience
I have plenty of team members helping to ensure the experience is awesome for my hunters before, during and after the hunt. However, hunters choose to hunt with me because I do all of the guiding personally. I'm right there making the minute to minute decisions to help you have a brilliant time.


Buffalo Hunting - Face to Face Hunting
Willie Dvorak, a SD outfitter and hunting guide writes about having great communicating skills with his clients.


Buffalo & Bison Hunting in South Dakota
American Bison Hunting Thrills.


Fort Pierre Hunting
Ft. Pierre South Dakota - The Prairie Dog Hunting Capital of the World!


Buffalo and Prairie Dog Hunting
Nobody provides a better American buffalo hunting or prairie dog hunting experience than JRGS.


Best Shooting Practice EVER
I am proud when I can take good, average or poor shooters and make them great shooters in just a day. That is a skill they will use the rest of their lives.


1,000 Yard Prairie Dog Kills
1,000 yard kills for prairie dogs in South Dakota. Repeat Pennsylvania clients Bart, Andrew and Jeff all killed prairie dogs past 1,000 in 20-25 mph winds.


Dry Weather Shooting for Prairie Dogs
Willie Dvorak, a SD outfitter and hunting guide writes about dry weather shooting for prairie dogs in South Dakota.


Bow & Rifle Deer, Bison & Antelope Hunting
Bow and rifle hunting for bison, antelope, deer and prairie dogs.


Shortest Prairie Dog Shot Ever
Willie writes about Nick, who has the lead for the shortest prairie dog shot in history.


Military Veteran Hunting Trips
Memorial Day, why we celebrate it, and the military veterans who have hunted with Willie.


Spring Prairie Dog Hunting
Willie writes about spring prairie dog hunting.


Longest Prairie Dog Shot This Year
Noah has the lead for the longest prairie dog THIS YEAR with 736 yards...right on!


Summer Bison and Prairie Dog Hunting
Time spent hunting with your father/son is NEVER wasted. Kent and his son Tucker will vouch for that!


Long Range Prairie Dog Shooting
The prairie dogs are out in fantastic numbers and we're shooting them!


South Dakota Coyote & Prairie Dog Hunting
Prairie dogs are out and about, and we took advantage of it. With over 100 miles for prairie dog hunting and 200 miles for coyote hunting, what are you waiting for?


Trophy Buffalo Hunting in South Dakota
Willie writes about trophy buffalo (bison) hunting and about his client's successful hunts.


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